The future looks bright with Illumadyne LED.

Through our proprietary LED solutions and American manufacturing, we are able to deliver long lasting results and more green to your bottom line. Join our satisfied customers and experience the power of light. 

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LED Solutions
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At Illumadyne, we are providing high performance, long lasting LED solutions to our clients, coast to coast.

Indoor LED

Engineered for performance, our indoor LED solutions are designed for industrial manufacturing, warehouses, grocery stores, big box retail, and cold storage.  

Outdoor LED

Engineered with longevity and photometry in mind, our exterior LED solutions are built for uniformity and visibility in parking lots, walkways, driveways, and facades.

Lighting Controls

As pioneers in the LED lighting industry, Illumadyne’s modular lighting control solutions are designed with longevity and lower long term repair costs in mind. 

American Made

Made here.
Made for you.

Whether it’s new construction, remodel, or a complete retrofit, we promise you’ll find exactly what you need for your application.

Our products are manufactured and assembled by our dedicated team in Pensacola, FL, USA.

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LED: A difference you can see.

Our industry leading thermal management combined with high quality components and assembly allow our LED solutions to outperform our competitors.

This results in lower total cost of ownership, modular repairs, predictable efficiency targets, and reduced operating costs. 

All aluminum MCPCB construction engineered for low thermal resistance and long service life.
In-house SMT line for high quality diode selection, placement and assembly to MCPCB board.
In-house x-ray inspection system ensures stated light level maintenance and LED life expectations.

In-house integrating sphere (2) confirms stated performance.
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Our clients

At Illumadyne, we are providing high performance, long lasting LED solutions to our clients, coast to coast.

Experience the Power of Light

Tell us about your project’s timeline and budget. We’re straight-forward with our abilities and pricing, and can help you achieve your lighting and efficiency goals.

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