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On a mission to build a truly Made in America product.

About us

Our story

Illumadyne was founded in 2008 by David Fetter to produce retrofit modules and complete luminaires for the renovation industry. Built on a sustainable business model, Illumadyne entered the competitive world of LED lighting solutions.

The continued focus of the company is to reduce or eliminate foreign components as much as possible, and to control design and engineering factors which are key to LED operating quality. As the company has grown, we have created and continue to produce a standard set of complete luminaires while maintaining "custom" capabilities.

We continue to stay true to our "American Made/Assembled" concept.

Meet the Team

Decades of experience putting customers first.

David Fetter

President, CEO

David is a co-founder of the Company and serves as President. David has a strong background in lighting design and technology, energy modeling and project management. He is a widely respected designer in the lighting industry with over twenty years of experience in the design and application of lighting and electrical power systems. Prior to forming Ilumadyne, David Served as the General Manager for Exelon Services’ Electrical Division. His professional background includes time in the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program and Engineering Plant supervision. David also worked as an engineer for Caterpillar Corporation. David served as Director of Operations for a split shop lighting contractor and subsequently went on to become Chief Technical Officer for a ballast manufacturer. David started his own consulting firm in 1997 working as a consultant for ballast and luminaire manufacturers in business and product development. David has published articles on the topic of industrial lighting and is a recognized speaker at IESNA and AEE national events. His broad industry knowledge and experience contributes significantly to the vision and sustainable operation of the company.

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Bill Wunnenberg

Vice President, CFO

Bill serves as Vice President and CFO of Illumadyne. Bill has over 25 years of experience as a Master electrician and is licensed in the state of New Jersey and California working on all aspects of electrical systems. Bill has owned, managed, and operated several electrical contracting businesses over the past 20 years - of which 15 years has been spent in delivering energy efficient lighting solutions to industrial and commercial facilities. Bill was a pioneer in the application of fluorescent high bay fixtures for industrial applications. Using his background as an experienced field operator and manager of business operations, Bill is responsible for all administrative activities of the Company.

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David Naterelli

Director of Technology

David serves as Director of Technology. He has over 20 years of senior management experience in the medical equipment and LED lighting/controls industry. David has extensive knowledge in wireless and power line carrier controls as well as switch mode power supply design. In his 20+ years working in lighting he has completed several designs in LED driver, HID ballasts, linear fluorescent, and compact ballasts. In 2000 he was awarded Light Fair’s best product when he introduced the first networkable and controllable linear fluorescent ballast using the LonWorks communication platform. In the past 15 years he has introduced several lighting control designs using the ZigBee wireless control standard. His in-depth knowledge of both the visual and non-visual lighting spectrum and their relationship to an animal’s serotonin and melatonin levels have allowed him to create products that increase animals reproductive rate, size, weight, and overall health. His work in this area has also been unparalleled in the horticultural area where enhanced plant growth has been seen with color specific lighting. David is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering

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Sam Strickland, LC

Vice President, Sales sstrickland@illumadyne.com

Sam Strickland, LC joined the Illumadyne team in October 2020 and serves as Vice President, Sales. Sam plays a crucial role in managing existing relationships while working to develop new partnerships for Illumadyne products. Prior to joining Illumadyne, Sam worked in multiple sales and leadership positions, domestically and internationally, for an international provider of lighting fixtures and related products. In these roles he worked with corporate accounts, lighting contractors, distributors, and independent rep agencies to continually improve market penetration and market performance. In his 30-year lighting career, Sam has worked in a multitude of facility types and lighting applications to deliver quality lighting results with a focus on energy efficiency. sstrickland@illumadyne.com

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Katilynn Byrne

Luminaire Production Manager

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The Future

As Illumadyne has grown since 2008, so have our capabilities. Our expanded manufacturing facility is now in the renovated 2nd Generation Coca-Cola bottling facility. This historic building, originally constructed in 1936, is part of the Pensacola story and the foundation for our future.

Our new facility expands our manufacturing capabilities. We will soon have the capacity for MCPCB  manufacturing, LED driver manufacturing, and an expanded luminaire assembly. Our larger space also allows for higher levels of component part inventory.

As we expand, our focus remains the same: a customer first approach which is centralized on listening to your needs, designing a solution for your application, and helping you achieve your lighting goals with American product!

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