Why Illumadyne?

A difference you can see

Through our proprietary LED solutions and American manufacturing, our products to deliver long lasting results and more green to your bottom line. Join our satisfied customers and experience the power of light. 

kW's Reduced
kWh's reduced
Our competitive advantage

The future looks bright.

Efficient lighting & sustainable design have proven to be a powerful combination when approaching the industrial market. Proper design may increase lighting quality, increase employee productivity, decrease future maintenance and be environmentally responsible; all while saving over fifty percent (50 %) on your lighting energy costs.

Future Proof Design

Our products are designed with sustainability in mind. Our modular connection to the MCPCB allows for  simple future replacement of the board or driver.

IP65 Outdoor Drivers

Equipped with 10-12KV internal surge suppression, high efficiency constant current drivers, a 90C rating and Universal Voltage with 0-10 dimming.

PCB Assembly

Our in-house SMT line (pick and place with long bed oven) assures high-quality diode selection combined with best-in-class assembly and soldering.

Low Thermal Resistance

Our all aluminum MCPCB  construction is engineered for low thermal resistance. This allows for 6-10x the rate of thermal conductivity over composite PCB.

Quality Control

Our in-house x-ray inspection system gives us quality control on MCPCBs before use in production. This ensures the stated light level maintenance and LED life expectancy.

Photometric Testing

Our in-house integrating spheres are a fast and convenient tool for measuring the radiant or luminous flux of light sources. This ensures design light levels and photometry (N,M,W).

Just-in-Time Production

All orders are manufactured to meet specific project demands. Our assembly and shipment teams require 2-person verification of all shipments before they leave our warehouse.

Sustainable Packaging

All of our products are prepared in custom crates to reduce packaging waste, increase protection for the product, and allow field assembly tables with the contractor/installer in mind.

Guaranteed Results

All of our LED Luminaires, Retrofit Kits, Drivers and LED Modules are backed by our 7 Year Warranty. All sensors and onboard controls are backed by our 5 Year Warranty.


Made here.
Made for you.

Whether it’s new construction, remodel, or a complete retrofit, we promise you’ll find exactly what you need for your application.

Our products are manufactured and assembled by dedicated men and women in the USA.

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LED: A difference you can see.

Our industry leading thermal management and American manufactured high quality components allow our LED solutions to outperform our competitors.

This results in lower total cost of ownership, modular repairs, predictable efficiency targets, and reduce operating costs. 

All aluminum MCPCB construction engineered fro low thermal resistance and long service life.
Our future proof modular MCPCB wiring design reduces replacement costs.
Our in-house x-ray inspection system ensures state light lievel maintance and LED life expectations.
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